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    David Veits Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I&#039;ve been using a multi-key cookie to store a bunch of different info. Several of the keys are boolean values. I can&#039;t seem to be able to clear these values and then reassign them. The FAQ&#039;s on this site mention that to delete a cookie you just need to write an empty string to it, but when I do that with a boolean key, then try to assign a boolean value to it, I got all kinds of lovely error messages "Type mismatch: &#039;[object]&#039; "<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas??<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    Cookies can only store string data... instead of using true or false, try "true" or "false". See if that clears it up for ya.

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    David Veits Guest

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    Thanks,<BR>I thought of that earlier, but I wanted to continue to use it as a boolean value. I can successfully store and compare boolean cookie values, but when I try and delete the cookie by setting it to an empty string, and then back to boolean, it pukes.

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    Biff Guest

    Default Hello McFly

    so use string values... sometimes our problems can be solved if we are willing to take a whole new look on it. convert to string, don&#039;t use boolean

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