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    Kevin Jacquier Guest

    Default ActiveX Control Not Downloading/Registering

    I have created an ActiveX control (it is not yet Signed) and it works on some machines, but not others. I did reduce the security setting so the browsers would allow unsigned controls to be loaded. For those that it does not work on I obtain the following error in the Download Error File. Can anyone tell me why this would happen on some machines and not others. The machine on which it was created is NT4 and the machine that it is failing on is Win95? <BR><BR><BR><BR>*** Code Download Log entry (18 Jul 2001 @ 12:31:46) *** <BR>&#062; Code Download Error: (hr = 80070485) One of the library files needed &#062; to run this application cannot be found. <BR>&#062; <BR>&#062; Operation failed. Detailed Information: <BR>&#062; CodeBase: http://uskzoas238/activeX/bubble.ocx &#062; CLSID: {0EE21844-79F5-11D5-B70C-0000864CC59F} &#062; Extension: (null) <BR>&#062; Type: (null) <BR>&#062; <BR>&#062; LOG: File C:WINDOWSDownloaded Program Filesubble.ocx being &#062; registered. <BR>&#062; --- Detailed Error Log Follows --- <BR>&#062; LOG: URL Download Complete: hrStatus:0, hrOSB:0, hrResponseHdr:0, &#062; URLhttp://uskzoas238/activeX/bubble.ocx) <BR>&#062; LOG: File C:WINDOWSDownloaded Program Filesubble.ocx being &#062; registered. <BR>&#062; ERR: Setup Failed Error Code: (hr) = 80070485, installing: bubble.ocx &#062; to (null) destination code(0) <BR>&#062; LOG: Reporting Code Download Completion: (hr:80070485, CLASSID: &#062; ee21844..., szCODEhttp://uskzoas238/activeX/bubble.ocx), <BR>&#062; MainTypenull), MainExtnull))<BR><BR>

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    Default There are likely...

    ...MS foundation classes that your installation program doesn&#039;t have in it that are required for the component to run. These are typically classes used by MS Windows ActiveX controls that you&#039;ve used on your custom OCX control.<BR><BR>I&#039;d search for that class id on a PC that works and try to indentify the object needed.<BR><BR>I can assure you, this won&#039;t be fun...

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    Kevin Jacquier Guest

    Default RE: There are likely...

    Could you please give me some more information on how to do this and what to look for - thank you

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