In a nutshell what I&#039m looking for is the ability to resort a Query. Let&#039s step outside of ASP for an example. If you&#039re in MS Access and you do a Query and run the Results, you can sort that query by right clicking on a column head and sorting. I want to do that with ASP. Currently I am doing my DB search and specifying a default ORDER BY. When I pass the SQL back through the DB and change the ORDER BY I usually get a whole new recordset rather than just reordering the previous record set.<BR>as a small example:<BR>User enters Search criteria, I am returning SELECT TOP 10 People.ID, People.Name, People.Address, Company.Department, People.Function FROM (inner joins going on here) WHERE ((Left([Company].[ShortDescription],1))=&#039a&#039)) ORDER BY Name. Now I want them to be able to sort THOSE records by Address, and where this SQL may have returned 10 results with names starting with aa - ac when I rerun the SQL and change the ORDER by to Address, I get some "AF" or "AS" because I have a whole new recordset based on the Address Column. Can anyone Help me please? I can be reached at if you need more info. Thanks