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    Default Dynamic include server trouble

    Hi everyone! (First post here)<BR><BR>I made a website for my brothers (http://www.fieldpoint.net)company using the Select case method with the Server.Execute method. All I wanted was a template that would run the proper page, and it did the job.<BR><BR>&#060;% Select Case LCase(Request.QueryString("pagename"))<BR> Case "home"<BR> ContentPage = "home.asp"<BR> Case "etc"<BR> ContentPage = "etc.asp"<BR>End Select %&#062;<BR><BR>and then <BR><BR>&#060;%Server.Execute ContentPage%&#062;<BR><BR>and everything worked beautifully.<BR><BR>Now however, I used the exact method for my own personal website, and I get all-sorts of errors coming up and the server can&#039;t load the page, as you can see here http://www.jaromirjagr68.net/newsite/index.asp<BR><BR>Then, i tried my site on my brothers server, and it worked fine. So I now realize that the server I&#039;m on won&#039;t accept my method... why not, and what do I need to do???<BR><BR>thanks for your help<BR><BR>

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    Default Its not even an NT server !

    Server.Execute is a IIS 5 thing. <BR><BR>Your other server is an Apache server not a Windows NT server and so cannot run ASP pages.<BR><BR><BR>

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