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    jason Guest

    Default Apostrophes, displaying them

    Ok, 4 guys from Rolla have a good procedure to get apostrophes into a database by using the replace function in ASP, i.e. replacing 1 apostrophe with 2.<BR><BR>But how the heck can you read that info from a Database and not have Starbuck&#039;s appear like Starbuck"s when you display in on a web page?? I can&#039;t seem to use the same Replace function when displaying data from a database to a web page.

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    Default reverse it..

    strData = Replace(strDate, "&#039;&#039;", "&#039;")<BR><BR>Jason<BR>http://www.jasontconnell.com

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    jason Guest

    Default GOT IT Thanks!!!

    took a couple of minutes to play with it<BR><BR>but man that&#039;s simple when you think about it, which I didn&#039;t<BR><BR>thanks again!

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