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    ASPLearner Guest

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    I have a form with a few fields and 2 list of values, the LOV&#039;s are dependent on one another. The user enters the text fields and then picks a value from the first LOV, the second LOV should be filtered depending on what he/she picks from the first LOV.<BR>How do I go about doing this and refreshing my screen without loosing the values he/she has just entered in the text fields. <BR>Please help.<BR>Note: The LOV come from 2 different tables in a relational DB

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    alan b Guest

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    you can &#039;maintain state&#039; by using session variables, cookies, forms or parameters, on this occasion i would suggest you use an url parameter (get method) ie<BR>thispage.asp?myString=myValue<BR>and retrieve with<BR>dim myVariable<BR>myVariable = request.querystring("myString")

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    ASPLearner Guest

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    Is there an example I could follow or look up. <BR>Once the user has selected the first LOV, do I store the entered values and fields in session variables? I am very new at ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks

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