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    alan b Guest

    Default mac forum

    does anyone know of a decent developers forum/messageboard that deals with mac and cross os issues

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    Kentium Guest

    Default RE: mac forum

    uhmmm....yea.<BR><BR>With only a 5% market share (or less), don&#039;t count on finding much.

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    alan b Guest

    Default id like an answer not a comment!!!


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    White Russian Guest

    Default This is an ASP Forum, not a MAC Developer Forum...

    knock knock.<BR><BR>"who&#039;s there"<BR><BR>"A MAC Developer"<BR><BR>"There is no such thing"<BR><BR>Don&#039;t get an answer, don&#039;t post again.<BR>Its not us, its you....<BR><BR>

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    Dec 1969

    Default Heard of

    I did a quick search and found a few forums. I don&#039;t know if they are any good, but this one at least seems to have some recent posts<BR><BR><BR><BR>This is the Google search<BR><BR>

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    Default Macs

    Look at it this way, you&#039;ll be a pioneer in this area. Sorry I can&#039;t help you with your problem, but a little encouragement never hurt anybody :).

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    alan b Guest

    Default try reading the question

    and you would know what i am asking for, and if people like me didn&#039;t post this forum wouldn&#039;t work, cos all that would be left is idiots like you with nothing to say and no knowledge to pass.<BR><BR>why don&#039;t you stop posting!!!

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    Interferer Guest

    Default Watch your language !

    - Use strict HTML check with HTML validator<BR><BR>- Beware of the MAC colour palette with images, I think Photoshop can save images with save palette.<BR><BR>Might be easier to get hold of a Mac and try the end result and just fix any errors. As long as you use good HTML and client-side script sparingly there shouldn&#039;t be too much of problem.<BR>

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    White Russian Guest

    Default and this has to do with ASP how?

    ASP runs on IIS and LINUX with Chilisoft.<BR><BR>NOT anything else to my knowledge.<BR><BR>as far as resorting to name calling, thats up to you,<BR>but it seems pretty clear you are not real bright if you can&#039;t even use a search engine and go to some site that is NEAR the topic you are looking for.<BR><BR>as for contributing.<BR>I have about 2000 posts over the last year in this forum<BR><BR>(I do have things to say, and a fair amount of knowledge to pass)

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    alan b Guest

    Default RE: Watch your language !

    i have several macs to test on, but i come from a pc background and cannot find the problems with the macs, the rest of my team is just as mistified with macs as i am, the problems do not seem to be with the dhtml, but with the way the os handles the browser!!!

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