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Thread: ASP Form <textArea> to HTML to Databse

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    Default ASP Form <textArea> to HTML to Databse

    I am new at ASP so please bear with me. I would like to have a form inout that constitutes a &#060;textarea&#062; tag. This input must be auto formatted into html. That is, it must pick-up each time he user presses &#039;enter&#039; either to place <BR> or &#060;p&#062;.<BR><BR>1. The pending html-formatted result is then saved in an MS Access database.<BR> or 2. I can create a new file.<BR><BR>PS : I have seen this on this site. When we fill in questions for this notice board, the preview shows our questions properly formatted,ie, where paragraphing is concerned. <BR><BR>Please Help<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: ASP Form <textArea> to HTML to Datab

    &#060;%<BR>txt = Request.Form("theTextAreaField")<BR>txt = Replace( txt, vbCR, "&lt;BR&#062;" & vbCR )<BR>txt = Replace( txt, "&#060;", "&amp;LT;" ) &#039; see ASP forum for why! "Jolly" question<BR>...<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>

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