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    Vivian Kreig Guest

    Default Value with # Sign Truncated -- Using HREF Method

    Hello,<BR>I am passing a field (Store Name) from a recordset to the server using HREF. This field value contains a # sign. When I try to retrieve the StoreName from the second ASP using Request.QueryString the value of the string gets truncated at the # sign. I am using Server.URLEncode on the first ASP that sends the value to the server, and have also tried using Server.HTMLEncode on the second ASP that uses Request.QueryString to retrieve the value and I am not having any luck.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated,<BR>Thank you,<BR>Vivian Kreig<BR><BR>Sample Code: <BR><BR>OpenPO.asp:<BR>&#060;A id="PODetailLink" name="PODetailLink" href="JavaScript:OpenNewWindow(&#039;OpenPODetail. asp?StoreName=&#060;%=Server.URLEncode(objRS.Field s(CONST_PO_STORENAME).Value)%&#062;&#039;)"&#062;< BR><BR>calls OpenPODetail.asp<BR>strPOStoreName = Request.QueryString("StoreName")<BR>

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    Vivian Kreig Guest

    Default RE: Value with # Sign Truncated -- Using HREF Meth

    I ended up stripping the # sign out of the field in the stored procedure. Therefore I avoided the problem altogether.

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