Since no one helped me yesterday, I thought I&#039;d try again:<BR><BR>I&#039;m having a bit of a cookie problem. My Jscript function that sets the cookie looks like this: <BR>function setCookieDelim(frm) { <BR> var datToday = new Date() <BR> var datExpires = new Date() <BR> datExpires.setTime(datToday.getTime() + 60*60*24*365*1000) <BR> var curCookie = "ChipSourceDelim=Delim=" + frm.Delimiter.value +";EXPIRES=" + datExpires.toGMTString() + ";PATH=/" <BR> document.cookie = curCookie; <BR>} <BR><BR>and is called by the onclick event of a button( <BR>&#060;input Name="Submit" Value="Preview &#060;%=TypeN %&#062;" Type="Submit" onclick="setCookieDelim(this.form)"&#062; ).<BR> So far, so good. The function refers to a group of radio buttons that have the form: <BR>&#060;input type=&#039;radio&#039; name=&#039;Delimiter&#039; value=&#039;59&#039;&#062; <BR>Where the value varies but the name is constant throughout the group. My function works to set other cookies no problem, but when I use it to set the cookie for the delimiter, I get this in my cookie file: <BR><BR>ChipSourceDelim <BR>Delim=undefined <BR> <BR><BR>Can anyone tell me why it&#039;s undefined? <BR><BR>Thanks