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    Joseph Haas Guest

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    How can I creat code to navigate based on the directory. For example, on zshops I can go directly to a specific zshop by typing Obviously I can create all the directories and put in an index, but there has to be an easier way. Is zshopname even a directory or is there a better way.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Joseph

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    Default zshopname

    is a directory... they use the default document (index.htm/index.html on unix, default.asp, default.html on Windows NT). of course, default documents can be specified to whatever you want, with the right permissions. even I use default documents.. typing in filenames to start a navigation stinks... after the initial typing, you should have easily accessable links to all of the pages in your web page.<BR><BR>Jason<BR> <BR>see, default document ---------^

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    Joseph Haas Guest

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    Thanks.... so basically if I want to copy this style, I can create a directoy for everything and just have and index in each that redirects to a page that will output the correct info.

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