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    Yesterday I posted that values from a form were n0ot being fully transefered into a database, i.e. only the first word was being written to the database.<BR><BR>I got replys telling me to look at the ASPFAQs. I did so, but this was a problem of getting FROM a database TO a page, not FROM a page TO a database. So why does this error happen, I know that the string value is correct because it gets displayed on the page, is confirmed by the user and is then inputted, but its seems to onlt take that first word into the field itself???<BR><BR>e.g. response.write strname<BR><BR>OUTPUT: "Robert Smith"<BR><BR>ObjRS.addnew<BR>ObjRS("name") = strname<BR>ObjRS.update<BR><BR>DATABASE field gets: "Robert"<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Bob

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    there is nothing wrong with that code. can you post the code you use to connect to the database and to open the recordSet?

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