&nbsp;<BR>As a relative newbie to SQL Server 7 I have some questions regarding scalability and fine-tuning.<BR><BR>Scenario:<BR><BR>-large project <BR>-storing customer &#039profiles&#039 in a &#039profiles&#039 table<BR>-There should be 250,000 to 1 million profiles (in the long run)<BR>-other tables (approx 8-9) will be populated by selected info from profiles table, these tables will hold on average 80% of the total number of profiles<BR>-Data is all text, no BLOBS<BR><BR>Questions:<BR><BR>1. What is the Scalability of such a scenario?<BR>2. What fine-tuning can be done (SQL Server and IIS) to maximise performance?<BR>3. What are the basic platform requirements for the SQL Server?<BR>4. How can I go about testing the capacity of the SQL Server?<BR><BR><BR>Also:<BR><BR>-data will be accessed using ASP, can any performance benefit be had from using a DSN-less connection?<BR>-Currently I&#039m using standard SQL in my ASP pages to pull out records, I&#039ve heard that stored procedures can improve performance, is this true?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Graham Schultz<BR>netmedia-UK<BR><BR><BR>