I have an Access database with a table linked to a SQL Server table (via a DSN). I want to run a make table query on the Access linked table to create a new table in the Access database.<BR><BR>If I run the query within Access, then it asks for my SQL Server username and password which it accepts, and it then creates the new table.<BR><BR>If I try to run the same query with ASP, then I can&#039;t connect to the SQL Server database via the Access database. If I use no username/password in my Access connection string, then I get the message "ODBC--connection to &#039;SQLdbase&#039; failed." If I put my username/password in the Access connection string, then I get the message "Cannot start your application. The workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user."<BR><BR>Is there some way to pass the SQL Server username/password by ASP in the Access connection string?<BR><BR>Or is there a better way to create the Access table from the SQL Server table using ASP?<BR>