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    hi, i developed a dll but i want it to work on the client side so i packged it in a cab file and deployed it on the webserver.However when i load it in an &#060;object&#062; tag it is failing to load . the code:<BR>&#060;object <BR> CLASSID="clsid:FF6CB756-AB34-4266-A97A-12312F122132" <BR> codebase="controls/outtlook.cab"<BR> ID="mymeet"&#062;<BR>&#060;/object&#062;<BR><BR>advice what to do

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    Well to work this will have to download to the client, and register itself. Do the client browser settings allow this?<BR><BR>Also do you not need a type parameter? For example, on an activeX control object that I use I have type="application/x-oleobject"<BR><BR>

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