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    Ok, we&#039;re making the switch from Access to SQL Server 7.0. I have never worked w/ SQL Server before in my life, and they want me to do this. HELP!!!!!! *** have i gotten myself into, where can i get help on this, any tips, suggestions, one of the things that&#039;s really important for me to know is<BR><BR>1) is connecting to the DB through SQL Server any different than connecting to an Access DB?<BR><BR>2) is there a way to convert my Access DB to an SQL Server DB?<BR><BR>if you&#039;ve worked w/ SQL Server before, i&#039;m sure these questions sound like they came from an idiot, which they did. a nervous, stressed, pressured idiot.<BR><BR>Help!!!!

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    1. Different connection string - most sites have details <BR>2. An upsizing wizard is (was) provided with the SQL Server software

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