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    I have someone that is using am ASP Web application I developed. They seemed to have problems entering new data into the database, because his provider uses a proxy server. So he doesn&#039;t see the updates. I know there is a way to expire a page so that it is read fresh every time it is brought up. Is it <BR> Response.Expires = 0<BR>or is there something else. I think I only need to do it to ASP pages that read the database.

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    Set Response.Expires to a negative figure (i use -1441)<BR>Set Response.CacheControl to "private"<BR><BR>that should help. it&#039;s also important that this person&#039;s browser settings are set to check for new versions of documents EVERY TIME the page is hit. <BR><BR>Failing that, as a last resort, you could do a little trick whereby you append a random sequence of numbers and letters to a querystring at the end of the path. the proxy should be fooled into letting it through, that way.<BR><BR>j

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