This seems strange to ya&#039;all.<BR>I have the pop & smtp mail accounts from students, I want to them to fill their email in the form text and pass it to the port 30 of our mail server. I have to create function (something like this I think)...<BR>Dim strPopMail, strSTMPMail<BR>strPopMail = Instr(strPopMail,"")<BR>strSMTPMail = Instr(strSTMPMail, "")<BR> Select Case Request.Form("Text")<BR> Case strPopMail<BR> Request.Form("Text") = &#039;I don&#039;t know how to pass to port 30 of mail server from here)<BR> Response.Redirect("")<BR> Case strSMTPMail <BR> Request.Form("Text") = &#039;same por30<BR> Case Else<BR> &#060;%= "You have enter an invalid mail account%&#062;<BR><BR>Someone please help me here...I am stuck! Thank yo so much so much!<BR><BR> <BR>