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    [Microsoft][odbc SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Could not allocate space for object"temptable3"in database &#039;mydatabase&#039; because the &#039;PRIMARY&#039; filegroup is full.<BR><BR>I couldn&#039;t find any reasonable solution for this problem. I am getting this error while exporting thru DTS of SQL. I need to clear up the space but i can only user query analyzer, is there any way to fix it ? i can&#039;t get more space so i need to clear up the old space what i have and reuse it.... pls help<BR>thx<BR>Neena

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    the database doesn&#039;t have enough space allocated to it. I&#039;ve seen this before when DTSing databases containing a lot of BLOB fields. You&#039;ll have to either reduce the amount of data stored, or contact the administrator to enlarge the database.<BR><BR>j

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