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    Viper Guest

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    Is it possible to make a piece of script not loop constantly, but every 5 seconds.<BR><BR>Tanks in advance<BR><BR>Viper<BR><BR>

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    As far as i know this cannot be done with ASP without ad-ins (DLL etc.) cause ASP is not constently run at the server, only when requested by someone.<BR><BR>But if you want to run the ASP-page every 5 seconds when a user is logged on you can use the Refresh-meta to force the user to update.<BR><BR>....dont know if this gives you any help but atleast I tried.

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    This is just a theory, but you might be able to use the timer function in conjunction with some if then logic to make it work.<BR><BR>timer, if you don&#039t know, counts the seconds elapsed since 12:00AM. To use it, you just set a variable equal to timer.<BR>i.e your_variable = timer<BR><BR>I&#039m not sure if it will work, but you could give it a try.<BR>Erick

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    Rokea Guest

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    A not so good way would be through HTML Meta Tags... another one may be to get the time in a loop, and calculate with a counter 5 seconds.. then call a script.. Hope this helps

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    keithadler@hotmail.com Guest

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    Client side script can loop by using the JavaScript SetTimeout function. Using this, you could do anything (reload the page, execute a function, etc.).

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