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    Default SQL create table error

    This is the SQL querry:<BR><BR>dbconnection.Execute ("create table meertest (" & _<BR> "jaartal int, m int, wegnummer char(5), provincie char(15), a int, b int, " & _<BR> "w char(2), bk char(1), zp char(1), v char(1), ag int, " & _<BR> "od int, dd int, zd int, ld int, on int, dn int, zn int, " & _<BR> "ln int, l int, an int, ad int, ag_m_km int, og int)")<BR> <BR> &#039; "dg int, zg int, lg int, og_d_km int, dg_d_km int, zg_d_km int, " & _<BR> &#039; "lg_d_km int, on_d_km int, dn_d_km int, zn_d_km int, ln_d_km int, " & _<BR> &#039; "od_d_km int, dd_d_km int, zd_d_km int, ld_d_km int, hg int, hd int, " & _<BR> &#039; "hn int, p_dg_d_hg int, p_zg_d_hg int, p_lg_d_hg int, p_dn_d_hg int)")<BR> <BR> &#039; "p_zn_d_hg int, p_ln_d_hg int, p_dd_d_hg int, p_zd_d_hg int, p_ld_d_hg int, " & _<BR> &#039; "p_od_d_hg int, p_dd_d_hg int, p_zd_d_hg int, p_ld_d_hg int, p_on_d_og int, " & _<BR> &#039; "p_dn_d_dg int, p_zn_d_zg int, p_ln_d_lg int, p_on_d_og int, p_dn_d_dg int, " & _<BR> &#039; "p_zn_d_zg int, p_ln_d_lg int, on_d_od int, dn_d_dd int, zn_d_zd int, " & _<BR> &#039; "ln_d_ld int, g_on_d_od int, g_dn_d_dd int, g_zn_d_zd int, g_ln_d_ld int, " & _<BR> &#039; "og_d_tagl int, dg_d_tagl int, zg_d_tagl int, lg_d_tagl int, on_d_tanl int, " & _<BR> &#039; "dn_d_tanl int, zn_d_tanl int, ln_d_tanl int, od_d_tadl int, dd_d_tadl int, " & _<BR> &#039; "zd_d_tadl int, ld_d_tadl int, k char(1), jaar_reeks char(45), m_reeks char(90))")<BR><BR><BR>I "commented" a large part of the query away, but there still has to be an error in one of the last two lines... But I am unable to find it?<BR>I&#039;m working with an Acces 97 database. Any help is welcome ;)

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    arturo sandoval Guest

    Default could it be...

    ...the double-parenth after the number 90?

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