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    I am using Connection.begintrans to start a lot of sql commands and I do a connection.committrans at the end if there are no errors during the database updates. If there are errors, I do a connection.rollbacktrans and then a response.redirect "name.asp" to the previous page to display a user friendly error message.<BR>When there are errors, the rollback works correctly but the previous page fails to display. Instead the user sees the system error message on a white page. <BR>Does the rollbacktrans prevent the response.redirect from working? Help.

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    First off, make sure you have Response.Buffer = True at the top of your code.<BR><BR>Next, im not convinced that using any ASP object transactions doesnt mess the hell out of the response buffer.. remember, you cant redirect after you have communicated ANYTHING to the client.. well.. you can, but it gets more difficult to.

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