Scrolling User <input>Table -- HowTO?

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Thread: Scrolling User <input>Table -- HowTO?

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    Hello all...<BR>Wondering for the first time, about how to write the following thingy.<BR><BR>I have only so much room on a client screen, to show a small tabled input area, with 5 columns across. Below, is only enough room to show 5 rows due to constrictions of other data on that page...that&#039;s all the room I got!<BR><BR>So, how do I make that &#060;table&#062; at least 12 rows high, but show only 5 of them at any one time -- can&#039;t use frames or inline frames either here. And as I&#039;m doing the usual Sub-Total, TAX, Grand Total thingy at the end, I&#039;m using asp to compute same.<BR><BR>It&#039;s just that I dont know how to show only *part* of that input table...<BR><BR>Help here anyone? Is there a dynamic answer &#039;praps?<BR><BR>Jim

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    Default mabye here

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    You should be able to do that with layers.

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