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Thread: Create a component out of a C program

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    Kalyani Sampathu Guest

    Default Create a component out of a C program

    I have a C program and I want to build a VB component out of it. How do I wrap VB code to my C program to create a component

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    arturo sandoval Guest

    Default what the - ?

    is your "c program" a dll?<BR><BR>when you mention vb code, do you mean vbscript (in asp)?<BR><BR>if the thing is a dll, and registered on the server, i assume you should just be able to treat it like any other com object (if that&#039;s how it was written and compiled)<BR><BR>you&#039;ll just need to be careful if some parameters are declared as data types that don&#039;t play nicely with vb data types and vice versa<BR><BR>if this is a load of crap that i&#039;m feeding you, it&#039;s because you have probably left out some key information

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    Default Yesterday...

    ...your "C program" turned out to be Notepad.<BR><BR>What is it today? What does it *do*?<BR><BR>Does it bring up a window/screen on the computer it is run on, like notepad does? If so, forget it. Start over.<BR><BR>Otherwise...<BR><BR>Learn how to call functions in C DLLs from Visual Basic. Purchase VB if you don&#039;t have it already and read the docs. VB is capable of accessing functions in DLLs that are *not* ActiveX components if you need to, but it would take us a chapter or two of a book here to tell you how. Read the VB docs on the subject. They&#039;re pretty comprehensive.<BR><BR>If the C program is an executable, then it must be one that gets its input from stdin (or a file) and sends its output to stdout (or a file). If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you are the wrong person to be tackling this project.<BR><BR>Also, it it is an executable that follows the stdin/stdout rules, then you don&#039;t *have* to write a custom VB component to access it from ASP.<BR><BR>

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    learnit Guest

    Default RE: Yesterday...

    Do not think that u are very smart, people post their questions when they have doubts, otherwise why would not post their questions. Your answer shows ur arrogance!!!

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    aspXpert Guest

    Default RE: Yesterday...

    When u answer, keep in mind that the person has posted b&#039;cas he does not know about that. If u cannot u better stop answering them. Don&#039;t think that u are a genious!!!!!!!!

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    Default Did you go look... the thread I was referring to???<BR><BR>He was trying to invoke Notepad from ASP and somehow thought that the text that was viewed by Notepad would magically get sent to the browser.<BR><BR>I *did* try to tell him what would and would not work. Now, today, he posts the identical same question, so I can only presume that he didn&#039;t read my prior answer(s). Or he truly doesn&#039;t understand what I wrote. I he doesn&#039;t understand what I wrote, then *at least* if he would answer the questions I ask I might be able to help him. But when he completely ignores even the questions... Where do I go from here? I guess I just should have ignored his post??? I think there *is* an answer for him, but we can&#039;t find it unless he answers the questions I have asked.<BR><BR>What did I say that ticked you off so much? How would *you* have answered? Remember, you should do so after reading the prior exchange we had, about using Notepad from ASP.<BR><BR>Would *you* try to use Notepad from ASP? Would you expect it to work? If not, then why don&#039;t you try taking over this question?<BR><BR>

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