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    I have a table has 2 column 1.customer name and 2.address. I have a page has a listbox to show the customer name and a text box show customer&#039;s address. when the user changed the customer name in the listbox, the textbox will automatic display the customer&#039;s address. How can I do that? Please help.<BR>I have search ASP messageboard Q & A, but I can&#039;t find a solution. <BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Look into Javascript.<BR><BR>Thank You,<BR><BR>Matthew Laise<BR>Data Exposure<BR>

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    read the records into a client side 2d array, have the list box have values like 0 to the number of records in the table minus 1, then have an on Click event handler for the option box that sees what value is now selected and replaces the text box contents with the 2darray (selectedIndex, 1), which would be the address of the customer.. design it a little further and you&#039;ll see what i&#039;m talking about.<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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