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    Hello all, here&#039;s my problem.<BR><BR>If I am inserting a new row in the a table of the database where the PK has an identity(which is the only unique number for the columns) how would I be able to know what that ID number is?<BR><BR>For example, 2 column DB with names ID(int), Name(char)<BR><BR>ID Name <BR>4 Tom <BR>5 Jay <BR><BR>The ID is the PK and is signified as an identity. If I enter a new record, it will have a ID of 6. I would like to grab the ID but since Name is not unique how would I be able to do that?<BR><BR>Thanks for your help in advance!<BR><BR>Wil

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    Default Check out...

    ...the tips and tricks section of . There is an example for SQL Server and MS Access.

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