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    MelD Guest

    Default recordcounts & filters

    Can you use these together?<BR>I want to grab a recordset, filter it, get a count, change the filter, get a new count. (I&#039;m using Access 2000)<BR><BR>I think I might have my cursorLocation and/or my cursorType wrong.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help,<BR>Melissa

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    MelD Guest

    Default And the cursors are...

    Sorry, when I was doing the recordcount, I used 1, 1<BR>and for the filtering: 3, 3.<BR>When I use either the filtering OR the recordcount it works fine.

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    Default RE: And the cursors are...

    Yes, you can set a filter to the recordset and then do a recordcount. A cursor other than forwardonly should work.

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    MelD Guest

    Default Thanks!

    I just discovered that the exception error had nothing to do with the recordcount..... <BR>

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