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    Hi guys, <BR>I need to create an image Database for the Intranet at my company. What i plan to do is, generate thumbnails for Hi-Resolution Images that they upload. I know that PHP has image manipulation capabilites, and was hopping that ASP/VB has similar capabilities. It would be ideal to generate thumbs from a bunch of graphic types... i.e.: tif&#039;s, jpg&#039;s, and psd&#039;s. can anyone point me in the direction where i might go to learn more about this. Either a webpage, or even a good book that would cover this subject. Thanks alot for your times guys.

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    as a rule of thumb , it is better to store a path to an image ( or the image name) in a database , not the actual image. Binary Large OBjects are notorious for effecting system performance.<BR>

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    u need a component. PHP lovers always point out that PHP has really good image manipulation stuff built in. Well, they&#039;re right.<BR><BR>I used ASPImage, but it only works on JPG and (i think) BMP, not GIF. Most hosts have these installed for clients standard.

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