gringo = bimbo ????

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Thread: gringo = bimbo ????

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    Kentium Guest

    Default gringo = bimbo ????

    I'm soooo glad we have a resident troll who feels he/she has a shred of a sense of humor.

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    gringo Guest

    Default RE: gringo = bimbo ????

    not a bimbo just green english good not

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    bimbini Guest

    Default Kentium = prickboy


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    Kentium Guest

    Default yep

    how&#039;s this-<BR><BR>eat **** and die **** smoker.<BR><BR>go troll someplace else.<BR><BR>grown ups are working here.

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    bimbini Guest

    Default don't be so touchy

    didn&#039;t your boyfriend completely lick all the jelly off your asshole last night? you should wash it and you wont be so touchy.

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