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    Default .NET Beta 2 Bug

    I recently found out, along with many other ASP.NET Developers that the CD liscence version of .NET Beta 2 will inadvertantly expire. I was just wondering if the same "time bomb" issue will arise in the version of .NET that I downloaded from the MSDN web site... If anyone knows the answer to that question, I would love to hear it. ("T minus 13 days and counting...")Thanks
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    Default Not a bug and not relevant to the .NET SDK

    The time bomb you are referring to is only for Visual Studio.NET. If you downloaded ASP.NET Premium edition from http://www.asp.net/, everything is fine.<BR><BR>If you received VS.NET from TechEd, or have a MSDN Subscription and downloaded it from Microsoft&#039;s site, then you might have issues. In such a case, you would have received an email from Microsoft instructing you how to get a non-time bomb version.

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