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    Daren Guest

    Default Timing out Application variables

    It is possible to give application variables a finite lifespan, eg 1 hour?<BR>I have an ASP Chat Box at www.darenp.co.uk . A maximum of 25 lines are viewable, which are stored in an Application array. What I want is for the values within the array to have a 1 hour lifespan, so what people have said does not remain indefinitely, or until someone replaces it with new text. Thanks.

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    Default That's not what u need

    you should constantly replace the latest post with its previous post in side the array,like(if u have 4 posts and u got the fifth one) replacing the 4th with 5th and 3th with 4th and deleting the first one.<BR><BR>though timing out of application variable is not possible, still that is not a solution.

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    gringo Guest

    Default RE: That's not what u need

    on a clock global . *** this work will for you <BR>application("vegetables")=""

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    Daren Guest

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    That is what currently happens. New posts replace old ones. However, if nobody posts anything for a while, the previous posts will still be there. I want them to have a life of one hour.

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