I want to use the ad rotator component.<BR><BR>I have inc this code on the page where i want to ad<BR><BR>&#060;% Set ad = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.AdRotator")%&#062;&#060; % =ad.Getadvertisement("/ads/adschedule.txt")%&#062;<BR><BR>then my adschedule.txt file looks like this-<BR><BR>REDIRECT /ads/redir.asp<BR>WIDTH 468<BR>HEIGHT 58<BR>BORDER 0<BR>*<BR>http://www.pushposters.com/ctlogos/ppban2.gif<BR>http://www.pushposters.com<BR>Pushposters No1 UK Poster Site<BR>100<BR><BR>- The ad is coming up fine it its place but the problem is the link-<BR>instead of just linking to the site - via my redirect file -<BR>redirest.asp (which has the code - &#060;%Response.Redirect Request.QueryString("url") %&#062;)<BR>it is tacking the URL on the end of the page url-<BR><BR>eg say the page is www.mydomain.com/thispage.asp<BR><BR>then the ad link is <BR>www.mydomain.com/thispage.asp?url=http://www.pushposters.com<BR><BR>what am i doing wrong?<BR><BR>I have tried eliminating the redirect file - etc<BR><BR>Hope someone can help<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR>Rhys<BR>