I have written java code (Airport2) using Oracle&#039;s Jdeveloper. This java code calls an Oracle supplied class "OracleXMLQuery" to create XML from a sql query. I can run it from Jdeveloper, works great. I have loaded jdeveloper on the same server IIS and ASP are loaded. I have defined the jdeveloper path in the path. I have set all classpaths (including the one that contains OracleXMLQuery.class). I have moved the java class I want to execute from ASP to the trustlib directory. When I run the class from ASP it finds the airport2 class fine but cannot find "OracleXMLQuery" which is called from within the Airport2.class. I get the following message:<BR>Java Exception error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR>java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/xml/sql/query/OracleXMLQuery <BR><BR>If I open a dos prompt on the server and run the class from trustlib, it runs fine. If I set trustlib directory up as a share, go to the share from a different machine, it will not find it until I set the classpath on that machine. <BR> <BR>Any suggestions? Is there a way to set the classpath in the Airport2 java code or in ASP?<BR>