I have an order form that posts data to a database that are both in a secure location (SSL) on my web host. How can I get the data from this database to my local copy securely. It contains credit card details from my customers. <BR><BR>If I output the records of a database to a page using asp how can I stop other people viewing it. Can you password protect a single page? Would this be NT Challenge/Response?<BR><BR>Could I have the data sent to me in an encrypted email?<BR><BR>Could I use WDDX to output the data from the secure location and add to my local database by running a page locally. Again, how would I stop others from viewing.<BR><BR>The way I see it, the system is only as secure as the method to download the data. You can put the data there as securely as you want but how can you download it with the same amount of security??<BR><BR>Any thoughts on this matter would be really appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank you <BR><BR>Akysha<BR><BR>