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Thread: Maxrecords is not working for me

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    Ian L Guest

    Default Maxrecords is not working for me

    I&#039m trying to take a page which returns all the records in a database and limit the returned records. Eventually i want to have it so that people can page through X number of records at a time.<BR><BR>Before i try that though, i wanted to try something simpler and just have it stop after returning the first 10 records.<BR><BR>So just before i excute my sql statement i have rs.MaxRecords = 10, and this appears to do nothing. It still returns all the database records. I do have some nested sql statements which get looped through as the main recordset is gone through. But i dont see how that would effect it since those nested sql statements stop as soon as rs.EOF is true...and if i understand how max records should be true when it hits the 10th record.<BR><BR>I&#039d REALLY appriciate any help anyone can offer me. If anyone is willing, i&#039d be happy to send them the source code of my page. its not very long. The whole page itself is 57 lines...and a big chunk of that is just plain html.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.

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    Manish V Guest

    Default Maxrecords works perfectly IF ..

    hey just specify rs.maxrecords = 10 BEFORE u use the method ! if it doesnt work.. send me the source code @ <BR> <BR><BR>

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    Ian L Guest

    Default RE: Maxrecords works perfectly IF ..

    I did put it before the open command. I&#039m emailing you a copy of my page. Hopefully you can figure out whats wrong.<BR><BR>thanks for the help.

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