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    Hi,Basically I have a microsoft access 2000 database with a number of tables. Two are one to one relationship, Two are one to many relationship. Enforce referential integrity, Cascade update related fields, and Cascade delete related records all checked.Now I use access quiries and pass parameters from my asp page....simple enough.I am a little unclear as to what I can and can't do....Displaying - Some of my quiries access multiple tables for building a recordset for info display. This seems to work fine.Updating - I know that I must update table fields independantly when a recordset is based on a query that uses mutlitple tables (according to this microsoft article - Are there any limitations such as with .Update? For example, in the one to one relationship, if I delete a record in the parent, the record in the child is deleted as well (per refernetial integrity rules above) as it should be. Deleteing a record in the child does not delete the it should be. In the one to many, deleting the parent takes out all the children, deleting a child does not delete the parent or other it should be.Now this all works just right. Put as I am not a professional (I don't think) I wanted to make sure I was not doing anything (mainly with the delete stuff) that would cuase erros on other platforms/configs. I am running IIS 5 MDAC 2.5. Are there any limitations to the .delete method as there are with the .Update method?Thank you for any thoughts...can't seem to find much info on the topic in my books or web sites.Jay
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