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    Default Search and find closest match

    I want to be able to let people eneter free text, then search a database for thet free text and dispaly the closest match, taking into consideration spelling errors and spaces and such

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    Default Don't do it...honest...

    &nbsp;<BR>If you need to do something like this, go look at the Full Text search capabilities of SQL Server.<BR><BR>If you were to try to code this by hand, using *any* of the databases out there, you&#039;d be talking about a *VERY* slow and very tedious process, unless you are willing to build your own "full text index" of the DB, perhaps based on SoundEx codes to handle your spelling errors requirement.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t know how big a job this is, then you aren&#039;t ready to tackle it. Honest. That is *not* arrogance or nastiness speaking. It is strictly the voice of "been there, done that." That&#039;s all.<BR><BR>

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    there is one very interesting article about this:<BR><BR><BR>which can also be found here:<BR><BR><BR>I am using this guys&#039; script which he had modified to fit non English languages as well

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