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    akram Guest

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    i created a dll but when i try to create this object on the client side ,iam getting an error that i cant create this object. whats the problem ?<BR><BR>code:<BR><BR> set meeting = createobject("outtlook.mymeet")<BR> meeting.invite "akram"<BR> meeting.invite "jamie"<BR> call meeting.schedule(date,subject)<BR> set meeting = nothing<BR>

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    Have you registred the dll file ?<BR>regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32something.dll

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    Default Codebase the .dll so it downloads to the client�


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    akram Guest

    Default RE: Codebase the .dll so it downloads to the clien

    i packaged the dll into a cab file but iam not being able to refernce it in the client page. iam fdoing the follwoing code<BR><BR>&#060;OBJECT<BR> CLASSID="clsid:FF6CB756-AB34-4266-A97A-12312F122132"<BR> codebase="outtlook.CAB#version=1,0,0,0"<BR> ID=mymeet&#062;<BR>&#060;/object&#062;<BR>however i cant see my object in vb on client side

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