Not ASP..but can we Index in MS Access

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Thread: Not ASP..but can we Index in MS Access

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    prakash Guest

    Default Not ASP..but can we Index in MS Access

    Hi....<BR><BR>I am using ASP/access 97<BR>My self queries are executing very late....<BR>I wonder if there is Indexing is there in Access.<BR><BR>Suggestions are all welcome<BR><BR>Thanks anyway<BR><BR>

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    Default Of course there is. POTD?

    Access would not be much of a database if it didn&#039;t support indices ! (come to think of it though, it is NOT much of a database).<BR><BR>Just open the tables in design mode and look at the bottom of your screen. That is where you set the index.

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    prakash<eop> Guest

    Default Thanks sound that you are angry or something...<BR><BR>well thanks anyhow...<BR><BR>bye

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    Interferer Guest

    Default Oiii.. Access might be crap...

    ..but it&#039;s cheap, have you seen cost of SQL 2000 per processor license ???

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    Default You're right, I apologise ...

    but I had to say it all the same. Just imagine a world where a decent database could be had for a reasonable price ... and software had no bugs ... and G W Bush stopped polluting the world/electrocuting his own countrymen/provoking nuclear proliferation ...<BR><BR>OK so it all fantasy, but you have to dream :)

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    prakash Guest

    Default How much is SQL 2000

    How much..any indicative price...!!!

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    hamisuha Guest

    Default why not mySQL

    mysql is almost free and it has got some userfriendly interfaces.<BR>Although you are not so free as with Access but it is much more faster than Access.<BR><BR>I made a test using a 1000-record table, read and write these records to the screen for 100 times.<BR>mysql was 3-5 times faster than Access.

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    Interferer Guest

    Default Tell me more...

    where do I get this &#039;MySQL&#039; who is it made by, does it support NT/2000?

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    Default RE: why not mySQL

    Well, I have only briefly played with MySql, and while it does seem faster than Access, it did seem to hang my server with alarming regularity.<BR><BR>Maybe I was unlucky but there is a limit to how often I can re-boot the server without upsetting the users so I gave up. Have you had any similar problems ?

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    Interferer Guest

    Default to you, $19,999...

    ..per processor for the enterprise edition, per processor works out more cost effective for an Intranet/Internet than per client.<BR><BR>

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