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    Don&#039;t know if I&#039;m going about this the wrong way but :<BR>I want a Client of mine to be able to access a web page to write content for another page.I&#039;m not sure what the simplest way of doing this is...<BR><BR>One thing I was trying was to have two web pages, news and update.<BR>Update is an html page that contains a text box and submit button. The text box allows the Client to type in the content they want and then on submit they get redirected to news.asp that displays the result of the textbox. This works well enough but doesn&#039;t seem very secure.<BR><BR>Ideally I would like the Client to hit the &#039;submit&#039; button and the text box commentary gets saved as a text file on the server in a specific directory. The textfile content could then be &#039;included&#039; in the news page. <BR><BR>Again, a problem I can foresee is that without a login page anyone could go into the update page to write text and submit it to the server as a text file.<BR><BR>If possible I would rather not use a database. Ideas ?<BR><BR>

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    use the filesystemobject to save the contents of the textbox in a file on the server. you can (mostly) prevent unauthorised people execting this script by having some simple asp code which would check for a valid user.

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