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    Sav Guest

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    For generating reports, I create various temporary files in my database. I also delete all these files except for the one that is used by the recordset displaying the report data. How can I ensure that the temporary file is deleted either when the user clicks on the browser stop or exits from the browser or leaves the report view in any other manner?<BR>Would appreciate any help.<BR>

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    If a user clicks "stop", there is nothing you can do. What you can do is keep track of which reports they have had open and delete them on the session_on_end event. Other then that, there is no "sure way" to do this that I know of..<BR><BR>HTH<BR>DRUG_DEALER

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    Sav Guest

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    Multiple users will be accessing the reports. The temporary files are created using randomize and stored in the database. Different reports generate different temp files. In the Session_on_end, I will not know all the files that have not been deleted.<BR>Appreciate your help. Any suggestions?<BR>

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    Sanjay Bedre Guest

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    An Array can be created to store all the files that are created during a session and on Session_end event all these filenames can be retrieved and deleted accordingly

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