I&#039;m having huge problem with a school project.Any sugestions on how to solve?<BR>A user is given a premission to look at prosjekt(The table name in norwegian) the user can have access by Category(TKAID), Field(TOID) and Area(TFylkenr)- All these located in Tilganglinje(Accessline)<BR>The problem is that a user can choose the have acces to all prosjects in one Category, and then the Field and Area is empty, they can have acces to all projects located in Area and have Category, but then Field is empty. My problem is that I can&#039;t get this to be right so that the script shows right by joining or anything else i can think of. You can look at the database at <BR>http://www.lostontheinter.net/innerjoin.gif<BR><BR>Can anyone PLZ help? <BR>Sorry the bad english.