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    hi,<BR><BR>i&#039;ve a problem about asp(active server pages).<BR>in a mean time,i wrote a asp code but the problem is database.i&#039;m using microsoft office 97(microsoft access).<BR>in the database,very simple one tables which have five fields inside and these fields including text and memo data type area.<BR>it is easy to get "text" data type fields no problem but the problem is to get memo data type fields&#039;s value to asp codes(you know,in the memo data type in database the values are written like crypted.this is what i want,i want to see these memo area become encrypted which mean decode in asp area ) these memo fields including "rtf" format which means that it &#039;s written in richtextbox control area may be because of that asp can&#039;t get these values cause rtf.<BR>please give an example or idea to solve how to convert or decode memo fields in database by using asp.<BR>thank you!<BR>please help me!<BR>please reply as soon as possible ! ! !<BR>

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