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    Jim Rudnick Guest

    Default PWS and javascript = ???

    Hello all...<BR>Working away on a web app for a client, and I&#039;ve noted a new problem today.<BR>Off my top menu navbar, I&#039;ve had a button that can call up a calculator for the sales people to use in their normal course of business. THis works fine, and it&#039;s pure stock javascript that simply opens up a small window on top of the fullscreen window and lets the user do some simple calculations. This is no problem.<BR><BR>But today, I added another button to that menu navbar, a &#039;change your password page&#039; and it too opens up the same window, but with different contents --tho I still use that same function newWindow call.<BR><BR>Only thing is, that sometimes -- mind you only sometimes -- I get an error message in that new little window that says that the page requested (either the calc or the password change one) can&#039;t be seen as there&#039;s too many users connected right now.<BR><BR>???<BR><BR>I&#039;m the only user on my box, using PWS and w98 to test these asp pages. What gives here? Anyone recognize why this&#039;d begin happening? And if I use the PWS Manager to turn STOP the server, then START it again, that loads the proper page correctly.<BR><BR>???<BR><BR>ANyone help here? I&#039;m a vbscript guy who fumbles around in javascript, so I expect the mistake is mine...I just don&#039;t know what to look for!<BR><BR>Jim Rudnick<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Why do you think it is JS???

    It doesn&#039;t sound like it to me.<BR><BR>Seems like simply a server issue, nothing to do with the JS in the browser.<BR><BR>After all, if it weren&#039;t in the server, you would *at least* expect that the HTML would end up being sent to the browser.<BR><BR>And "...users connected..." also doesn&#039;t make sense as a client-side message.<BR><BR>Is the calculator pure HTML or does it have some ASP? Ditto the other page?<BR><BR>

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    Jim Rudnick Guest

    Default RE: Why do you think it is JS???

    Hello Bill..<BR>Gee...I really don&#039;t know...Bill. It&#039;s just that the message comes so infrequently, and is always cleared up with a STOP/START on the PWS Manager...that I assumed that it was a javascript problem. The code is completely HTML, except for the vbscript that I use to do the multiplications and then the showing of the monthly payment for instance, in the Calculator window.<BR><BR>Just tried it 5 times, and it ran all 5 times perfectly. Will keep trying it all day, and when that error message comes up again, I&#039;ll copy same here FYI.<BR><BR>Thanks....<BR><BR>Jim

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