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    Hi,I am just wondering how is browsers going to be changed when <BR>Microsoft will start pushing(Microsoft.Net)VB.Net,what is going to happen to all these web sites??

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    Well, HTML && CSS will still be used at the presentation tier and SQL Server, Oracle etc will still be used at the data tier, but the language that is used to write middle tier logic will slowly, then less slowly be written using the new .NET languages.<BR><BR>:( + (_)? == :)

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    VB.Net will run in the server... IE still contains the vbscript.dll and the javascript.dll<BR><BR>You&#039;ll be able to use client code just the same.<BR><BR>Besides, IE 6 is only in beta, so you&#039;re a long time away for a 6.5 or so. Netscape releases a browser about every 4 years, so no problems there.

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