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Thread: Help---URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Arjun Guest

    Default Help---URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi,<BR>I take the address of a person from the database and print that in a text box for the verification from the user.I am able to get the variable properly from the databse but when I print that in the text box, it displays only till the space: like if the address is:1926,West Harrison...only 1926,West gets displayed.It will be great if someone could help me out.It is really important. I am pasting a bit of my code:<BR><BR>add2=Trim(Recordset1.fields.getValue( "add2") )<BR>Response.Write("&#060;td&#062;&nbsp;&#060;inp ut id=""text5"" name=""add2"" ")<BR>Response.Write("value=")<BR>Response.write(a dd2)&#039;add2: Has the complete address(1926, West Harrioson)<BR>Response.Write("&#062;")<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Arjun

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    Arjun Guest

    Default Thanx a Ton Bill!!

    Hi Bill,<BR>As always u have come to my rescue....:)..Thanx a lot!!<BR><BR>Arjun

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