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    Last week, I asked for help in Access to retain all historical data. Egghead was kind enough to respond but I need additional help. You suggested that I create another table and run a function to insert an audit record. I certainly can create a table but I'm not clear on running a function to insert an audit record. Also, here's another question. If my new table had the columns "field name", "data", "revised date", and "revised by", is it possible to send the control name from the form to "field name" and the original data to "data"? That way I would end up with a table that listed only the original data before the change was made. My email address is itm@itm and I would really appreciate your response!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

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    Default this is just not that hard....

    Think about what you are doing here.<BR><BR>If you insert a record into your Primary table, could you not also insert a record into an Audit table that would contain similar column names plus additional audit columns determined by you? Of course, you would want to have the primary key of the Primary table stored in your Audit table as a relational key.<BR><BR>Wouldn&#039;t the first record in your Audit table that has your Primary tables&#039; unique key be the record that was the first set of information retrieved?<BR>

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