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    Default up on my soapbox again

    here&#039;s a decent article (it contains links to some other articles too which are interesting): http://www.angrycoder.com/article.aspx?cid=1&y=2001&m=7&d=17<BR><BR>disclaim er: i didn&#039;t come up with these suggestions and i have most likely been guilty of most them at one time or another - i make no judgments here - i just thought that there may be some here interested in those articles

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    Default Give it up...

    ...the only ones who read such articles are the ones who aren&#039;t guilty of the listed offenses, anyway.<BR><BR>Sigh.<BR><BR><BR>Big sigh.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>[See? Lots of white space, for effect.]<BR><BR>

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    Default LOL true true!

    although i am not acquitting myself because i read it.. hehehe<BR><BR><BR>Jason<BR><BR>**** yankees (http://www.jasontconnell.com)<BR><BR><BR>http://www.ilikewhitespace.com

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