Inserting Percent sign (%) into SQL table?

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Thread: Inserting Percent sign (%) into SQL table?

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    Default Inserting Percent sign (%) into SQL table?

    I&#039;ve got a simple form where the user enteres feedback in a text box (Standard HTML form) then the page passes the var to another form which calls a stored proc and inserts it into a record.<BR><BR>Nothing complex, but when the user enters a percent sign (%) the table gets an R0 added insted of the %<BR><BR>Any clue as to why this might happen. I&#039;m sorry for not posting code but the pages aren&#039;t accessable to me at the moment and it seems like someone should have run into this before. If code is needed I&#039;ll post it when I get access to it. Thanks in advance.

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    ...because if you are using an ADO command object to process your stored procedure, you shouldn&#039;t have a problem with this.

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