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    Hi, I&#039;m trying to execute a stored procedure in SQl 2000, The procedure returns a recordset, and I can&#039;t seem to get it to work, any ideas?<BR><BR>here is the code (Jscript)!<BR><BR>var sqlstr = "exec pGetPermissions @PUID = &#039;" + PUID + "&#039;";<BR>conn.Open(Application("PiData_Connect ionString"));<BR>rst3.Open(sqlstr,conn,3,3);<BR>Re sponse.Write(rst3("PermissionCode"));

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    Seems something missing from your code (the part you posted anyways), try this,<BR><BR>(note: if PUID is integer, do not put single quotes around it)<BR><BR>var sqlstr = "exec pGetPermissions @PUID = &#039;" + PUID + "&#039;";<BR>conn.Open(Application("PiData_Connect ionString"));<BR>set rst3 = conn.execute(sqlstr)<BR>Response.Write rst3("PermissionCode");

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